A Professional Branding Strategy
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Go Beyond Articulating Your Value

Duncan-MacPherson - Pareto SystemsDo your clients fully understand what you do, and do they appreciate your value beyond just rates of return?  Do they focus on what you cost them or on what you are worth to them?  Can they describe you in a compelling way to a friend or family member?  A professional branding strategy ensures that you stand-out from the pack so that prospects and clients are fully aware of your value.  In this series of tips, I’ll outline proven branding strategies from our Pareto System coaching program.  If you would like to schedule a 45 minute conversation with me to discuss ways to refine your current approach, contact Scott Simpson toll-free directly at 1.800.625.6850, or by email at scottsimpson@paretosystems.com, and he’ll book a mutually convenient time for us to talk.

Wouldn’t it be great if one your clients said this about you after being asked by a friend if they were happy with their financial advisor?

I’ve had a few different financial advisors over the years, but I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident with the track my advisor has me on right now.”

Then the friend asks your client what it is specifically that he likes about you, to which your client replies:

Probably the best part is that my advisor only works with a small group of affluent clients and he has developed and refined a process that enables me to manage my assets and risk.”

A response like that will engage a friend far more effectively than if your client said,

My advisor is a great guy, you’d really like him….”

A compelling response happens by design.  The way you communicate with your clients helps them understand and appreciate you in a way that makes describing you effortless.  But this goes way beyond your verbal skills and value proposition.  The tangible tools you use play a massive role as well.

I say that because financial advisors spend a lot of their time talking.  Whether it’s on the phone with a client or prospect, in review and fit meetings, or at various professional and social functions, you do a lot of talking as part of your approach to attract and keep great clients.  As a result you’ve probably spent a lot of time crafting a value proposition, elevator speech and branding strategy that revolves primarily around words.

Impress Them with Your Knowledge AND Impress Upon Them That You Have a Process

financial advisor processThe verbal glue that holds your branding strategy together is the ongoing reinforcement in your communications that you have a process.  Be like a broken record, reinforcing your professionalism by saying “I have a process in place…” and “A benefit of my process is…” and “We rely on a process…”.  When you say you have a process, you speak directly to what your clients want: they want to face the future with anticipation rather than apprehension, and feel confident that they can achieve their goals and that you and your process will help them get there.

Don’t Just Articulate That You Have a Process, Demonstrate That You Have One

But don’t stop at just words.  Complement your verbal communication skills with tangible tools that showcase your commitment to a wealth planning and relationship management process.

I’m referring to a linked and sequential array of tools that people can hold in their hands to fully conceptualize and experience your approach.  It is far more powerful to show someone your process than it is to just tell them you have one.  Not only is it more impactful and memorable, but it also makes it much easier to describe it to someone else.

One example of this would be your fit process and new client on-board approach.  After you have an initial phone conversation with a prospect that’s been referred to you, it is essential to send them an introductory kit to build anticipation and predisposition for the prospect before they’ve even met you.

When you meet with the prospect and exchange pleasantries, it is then essential that you provide him or her with a printed agenda to demonstrate your professionalism.

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After the fit meeting leading up to the signing ceremony, you should then provide them with the welcome organizer to outline all of your services in a way that is positioned as a benefit to the client.

There are many other ways to enhance your branding strategy and I’ll outline more in the next two Actionable Tips of the Week.  These strategies are proven to amplify your ability to competitor-proof clients, capture money in motion, continually be fee-worthy and improve your refer-ability.  Just remember, your actions really do speak louder than words.

Continued success!

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