How to Use Technology to Build a More Predictable and Sustainable Business
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Thursday, June 2nd at 12 pm ET
Does your technology help you to create a consistent client experience? Can you deploy duplicable systems? Are you leveraging technology to become more efficient? Join Duncan MacPherson, founder of Pareto Systems and author of 'The Blue Square Method', as he discusses implementing best practices through technology.
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You don't grow out of our philosophy or our process. You grow into it.
Achieve consistent client acquisition
Achieve consistent client acquisition
Deploy Enterprise value
Deploy Enterprise value
Restore liberation and order to your life
Restore liberation and order to your life
Achieve Franchise Readiness for Scalable Growth
Achieve Franchise Readiness for Scalable Growth

The Blue Square Method is all about helping someone methodically achieve self-actualization. To become the best version of themself - personally and professionally. Framed in ambition, purpose, meaning, fulfillment and gratitude. Taking nothing for granted, but being happy with what we have as we aspire to what we want.

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The Blue Square Method Retainer includes:

A dedicated practice management coach - To serve as an accountability partner for you and your team as you work through our core linked and sequential implementation process.

Reactive spot coaching with Duncan MacPherson - To work with you on strategic planning, communication and branding as needed throughout our relationship.

Gap Analysis - Pareto Systems will "pop-the-hood" to uncover untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities in your business. This process will ultimately reveal exactly what you need to do to unlock the pathway to the Next Level and help Pareto to customize a deliverable to help you get there.

Best Practices Playbook - Pareto Systems will provide strategic input on practice management and relationship management solutions to create a scalable and predictable playbook, so that no matter how many messengers within a firm, the message and the process remains consistent.

Critical Path - A customized plan that will help you reach your goals.

Pareto Academy Implementation Dashboard - All of our programs are supported and made actionable by the Pareto Academy, which is an online virtual coaching application that contains additional step-by-step resources for implementing the strategies in each module. Resources include videos, articles, scripts, templates and tools.

Ongoing Access to Mastermind Sessions - A small group of Advisors, together with Duncan MacPherson will dive deeply into issues facing Financial Professionals today. These sessions are not a pep talk or group hug. They are not a lecturing data dump, but rather a productive, actionable conversation with a clear path for implementation. Held in Palm Springs, CA and Kelowna, BC.

First-in-line access - Blue Square clients receive a first look at new content, updated resources and processes, and exclusive content.

"Before I started with Pareto... I had not received a referral from a client for a good nine months. After working with Pareto Systems... the next three months I received six introductions from clients and three met my ideal client profile."
Mark Fujiwara - Morgan Stanley

The Blue Square Method

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