We Make the Successful Even More Successful!

The people who like us the most, actually need us the least. They are already very effective but are aware that they can still get to the next level.

We are practice management and client acquisition consultants for successful financial advisors, insurance professionals and those in the legal and accounting fields. Our clients want to consistently attract and keep great clients while deploying actionable best practices that create an impeccable client experience. We have developed and refined an approach that methodically enables our clients to implement our proven strategies to ensure meaningful and measurable results. We call it The Sequential Implementation Process™.

+ The Top 10 Benefits You Can Expect From Our Coaching Process

Quick Start Coaching Services

If you are looking to fast track your business to a Breakthrough, we have three options:

Business Evaluation Process

2 Consultations with Duncan

Solution Includes:

Strategic Gap Analysis so that you can:

  • Get it out of your head
  • Gain clarity on the adjustments needed
  • Identify untapped opportunities
  • Discover overlooked vulnerabilities

Outcome: Get absolute clarity on what you need to do to get to the next level

$500 Take Action!

The Art of Articulating
Your Value™

5 Sequential Consultations with Duncan

Solution Includes:

  • Business Evaluation Process plus
  • Develop a value proposition
  • Define your branding strategy
  • Determine what is undermining client acquisition
  • Get clear on how to maximize client relationships
  • Website and e-marketing audit and action plan

Outcome: Consistently attract and competitor-proof high quality clients

$2500 Take Action!

Cracking The Code™

10 Sequential Consultations with Duncan

Solution Includes:

  • Business Evaluation Process plus
  • The Art of Articulating your Value plus
  • Steps for professionalizing your business
  • Deploy a fast track to advocacy process
  • Refine your on-boarding for the total client experience
  • Reset and re-frame existing clients
  • Engaging strategic partners
  • Restoring liberation and order with the rule of three

Outcome: Build a more valuable business that serves your life.

$4500 Take Action!

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Breakthrough Business Development Book

Financial Advisor BookOur book encapsulates our coaching approach based on the 80/20 Pareto principle. It's a 90 day plan designed to build your financial advisor client base and take your businesses to the next level. The book is built on the four cornerstones of the STAR System: Strategic Analysis, Targets and Goals, Activities and Reality Check. Sample chapter.