Are You 10 Years or Less from Selling Your Practice?
Thursday, March 28th at 12 pm ET
In this fast-paced webinar, Duncan MacPherson will be joined by Sherri Palle, one of Pareto's most experienced Coaches. Sherri has worked with many Pareto clients on preparing for their succession and building out their exit plans, ensuring they capitalize on their life's work.
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In the Best Interest of the Client
2022-12-20 • 2 minute read

A Process to Engage Strategic Partners

For many professionals in your inner circle of strategic partners, and for those connected to your clients that you haven’t met yet, understand their wiring. It doesn’t always occur to them to proactively make introductions. Their head is down, grinding out their technical deliverables. They might think in terms of 101-level networking, but not all of them are very savvy beyond that. It isn’t an innate skill for everyone, and it certainly wasn’t taught to them in school. In the absence of the entrepreneurial pedigree – they’re running a practice not a business – there is a higher degree of skepticism when it comes to this type of initiative…

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