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Join Duncan MacPherson for an insightful webinar on the dynamics of forming and developing high-performance teams. Based on the acclaimed Tuckman's Model, this session will explore the essential stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.
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2023-01-03 • 2 minute read

Meeting with Prospective Clients If you’ve ever been to a large sporting event and a spontaneous chant or wave erupted and took hold throughout a stadium filled with thousands of people, it’s essentially a social form of phase transition where the energy in the building evolved into an organic harmonic pattern. After a concert or theatrical show, the crowd bursts into an applause where the clapping is in sync and transitions to a standing ovation – nobody told them to do it. It’s said that two metronomes will synch up within 30 minutes. It’s said that the hearts of two people in close proximity and with affection for each other will start beating together.

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