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Join Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen as they dive deep into their new book 'The Blue Square Method.' Six years after 'The Advisor Playbook', financial professionals are six years further down their path with new needs and evolved ambitions.
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De-personalizing Your Value
2022-07-27 • 20 second read

It’s essential to have talented people on your team, but we want you to de-personalize your value, meaning that clients appreciate the practice and the process as much as they appreciate your people. This stage is a powerful next step because it creates order and lowers uncertainty and complexity. It has been proven time and time again that complexity is the silent killer of growth and sustainability because it causes your business to lose traction and spin its wheels. Process is the antidote to complexity because everything has been thought through, taken out of your head and documented. It’s as strong as the practice that creates muscle-memory in sports.

This is an excerpt of the upcoming book The Blue Square Method by Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter 1 for free now at:

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