The ON-Ramp to Growth - The Blue Square Method
Includes Q&A - with Duncan and Chris
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Join Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen as they dive deep into their new book 'The Blue Square Method.' Six years after 'The Advisor Playbook', financial professionals are six years further down their path with new needs and evolved ambitions.
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Always On With Duncan MacPherson - Episode 15
2022-03-24 • 20 second read

Content Marketing Made Easier: How To Use Podcasts To Attract Ideal Clients With Matt Halloran

Content marketing is a powerful way to thrive in the expertise economy.
Why? Because consistently sharing your thought leadership with clients and prospects establishes credibility and makes you more referable.
In this episode, I am joined by Matt Halloran, Influence Accelerator, Chief Relationship Officer, and partner at ProudMouth, to explore the power of content marketing. They unpack strategies to convert your knowledge into intellectual property that puts you ahead of the competition.
Matt discusses:
●    How podcasting expands your addressable audience of prospects
●    How to compel your ideal clients to take action through content marketing
●    Strategies to create evergreen content and remain top-of-mind for your target audience
●    The extent to which you can outsource your content marketing
●    And more
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