Shaping Your Branding Strategy
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, July 25th at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson, co-author of The Advisor Playbook and The Blue Square Method, for this fast-paced webinar as he explores the essentials of shaping a powerful branding strategy. Duncan will focus on viewing your brand from your clients' perspective and leveraging that insight to create a compelling and authentic brand.
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The Market Speaks: Determine the Value of Your Business.
2023-03-31 • 20 second read

If you want to find out what the value of your practice is and what your options are, you take it to the market. Now, maybe you’re not going to sell it today, but the market always speaks. It will tell you the exact value of your practice because somebody’s going to put an offer on the table. You may think it’s worth X, and they may think it’s worth Y, but the truth of it is the market’s going to tell you what your practice is worth.

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