Crafting Client Testimonial Videos that Resonate
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, Oct 10th at 12 pm ET
The Art & Science of Effective Client Testimonial Videos
Don't let the SEC's new rule on client testimonials pass you by! It's time to seize the opportunity to boost your marketing strategy with compelling video testimonials.
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Webinar Replay: Are You 10 Years or Less from Selling Your Practice?
2023-03-30 • 20 second read

How to Maximize Your Life’s Work & Retire Happy

In this fast-paced webinar, Duncan MacPherson was joined by Sherri Palle, one of Pareto’s most experienced Coaches. Sherri has worked with many Pareto clients on preparing for their succession and building out their exit plans, ensuring they capitalize on their life’s work.

Sherri and Duncan discussed:

  • What are the highest contributors to building enterprise value?
  • What can I start doing now to plan for my eventual exit?
  • How do I ensure my legacy is intact long after my exit?

Click here to access the replay of it, and other, previous webinars

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