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Clients See Your Value
2022-07-08 • 20 second read

The beauty of clients is that they don’t dabble. They see your value. They don’t say, “I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket" because they don’t think of you as a basket. They think of you as someone who liberates them to go live their lives. You’ve got the goods and they know it, and what’s great is that, in a referable moment, clients will wave your flag. They’ll sing your praises and, with great intentions, they endorse you. Here is the thing about endorsements, though - they often have the lasting value of a Red Bull. A client tells a friend to call you and that endorsement goes to the friend’s head to die. Have you ever had a client ask you, “Hey, did my friend call you?” but they never called? The endorsement was undermined by the Law of Diminishing Intent and had the longevity of a wind-up toy.

This is an excerpt of the upcoming book The Blue Square Method by Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter 1 for free now at: TheBlueSquareMethod.com

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