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Now is a perfect time to conduct a self-assessment to identify gaps in your approach. Duncan MacPherson and the team at Pareto Systems have developed and refined a webinar presentation to help you do just that.
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Complimentary Webinar Invitation: Achieve Total Client Engagement
2022-03-11 • 20 second read

In this actionable, fast-paced webinar on Thursday, March 24th at 12:00 PM ET, Duncan MacPherson, co-author of The Advisor Playbook, outlines a proven approach that enables advisors to consistently communicate and demonstrate their value.

Advisors need to deploy a stewardship model, as there are two types of advisors: 1) Salespeople who focus on Products, Pricing, and Performance and 2) Consultants who focus on a Philosophy, Planning Strategy, and Process.

Advisors need to ensure that they:

> Position themselves as a consultant
> Have clients focus on how much they are worth rather than what they cost
> Competitor proof their best clients
> Turn their best clients into advocates
> Gain full empowerment from their clients

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