From Advisor to CEO
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Tuesday, December 13th at 12 pm ET
There is a shift happening right now, where advisors are dusting off old habits and mindsets, and achieving new levels of growth. Join Duncan MacPherson, in this actionable webinar, as he discusses his experiences with advisors transitioning from their traditional role to CEO.
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The Art and Science of Branding
2022-11-23 • 20 second read

You might be wondering why branding appears as such an early chapter in this book. It’s because branding is one of the easiest adjustments to make that gets dramatic results. Consider again the art and science of being a fee-for-service professional. The science being your technical ability and core competency - the art being how you achieve professional contrast. The art, not the science, is often what separates the best from the rest. In client acquisition, once a prospective client becomes aware of your existence, you are trying to hold their attention and have them tune in to your signal. You want them to say to themselves, “I like that. This is what I want.” A professional branding strategy is a constant work in progress, not a one-and-done. You establish your brand and you keep tinkering and reinforcing it to ensure that you don’t fall into inertia confidence.

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