Are You 10 Years or Less from Selling Your Practice?
Thursday, March 28th at 12 pm ET
In this fast-paced webinar, Duncan MacPherson will be joined by Sherri Palle, one of Pareto's most experienced Coaches. Sherri has worked with many Pareto clients on preparing for their succession and building out their exit plans, ensuring they capitalize on their life's work.
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Technologies Impact on the Client Experience
2022-01-25 • 20 sec

You have the clients who deserve a lot of attention and then you have the clients who need your attention. Your most deserving clients are often the least demanding. They’re busy, they’re successful, they’re respectful of your value, and sometimes we take them for granted. However, these are the clients we really want to competitor-proof, maximize and replicate. We want to make sure you’re not spending time with those who need your service at the expense of those who deserve your service. Use technology to help ensure consistency with these clients and in your ongoing service model.

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