How to Attract Business Owners
Includes Q&A Session
Thursday, December 2nd at 12 pm ET
In this webinar, Duncan is joined by special guest Tom Deans as they outline an approach that will help financial professionals to become more indispensable to affluent clients, especially business owners.
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Missed the Webinar: Developing a Professional Referral Network?
2021-08-27 • 2 minute read

Few professional advisors have cracked the code when it comes to consistently attracting referrals from other influencers and rainmakers who are not clients. In this session Duncan MacPherson will lay out a processes to guarantee referrals are a two-way street.

During this session, Duncan will discuss:
• How to position a referral process as a service you provide
• How to delineate and position your process to strategic partners
• How to contrast yourself favorably with other advisors

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