Niche Marketing Strategies
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, July 23rd at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson for a webinar on niche marketing strategies specifically tailored for financial advisors. In this session, you will learn how to identify and effectively target your Most Valued Prospects (MVPs) to differentiate your practice and elevate your brand.
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Bring All of your Clients
2024-05-27 • 3 minute video

Make Sure You Bring All of your Clients - When Moving Firms

Financial Advisor Transition: Shielding Clients from Old Firm Tactics

Thinking of moving firms but worried about your clients? In this video, Duncan and Louis equip you with strategies to protect your clients during the transition. Discover how to:

  • Prepare Clients for Pushback: Anticipate aggressive tactics your former firm might use to retain assets.
  • Communicate Openly: Inform clients of potential attempts to discredit you or your new firm.
  • Focus on Client Benefits: Maintain a client-centric approach, highlighting the advantages of the move for their financial well-being.
  • Maintain Transparency: Address legalities surrounding client ownership and emphasize your commitment to their success.

This video is essential for financial advisors considering a transition who want to prioritize client protection.

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