Niche Marketing Strategies
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, July 23rd at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson for a webinar on niche marketing strategies specifically tailored for financial advisors. In this session, you will learn how to identify and effectively target your Most Valued Prospects (MVPs) to differentiate your practice and elevate your brand.
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Explaining Your Move to Clients
2024-05-23 • 20 second read

"Here's Why We're Moving"

Thinking about leaving your current firm? Learn how to navigate the transition with effective client communication. Duncan and Louis explore key messaging strategies for financial advisors, including:

  • Acknowledge Your Current Environment: Show appreciation for your previous firm while emphasizing the need to evolve.
  • Focus on Client Needs: Clearly explain how the move benefits your clients' growing complexity and evolving needs.
  • Transparency & Proactiveness: Address potential client concerns by explaining the reason for confidentiality and the thoughtful planning behind your decision.
  • Highlight Advantages: Clearly outline 3-5 key benefits of the new environment for your clients.
  • Avoid Negativity: Focus on the positive aspects of the move, avoiding comparisons or negativity towards your previous firm.

This video is valuable for financial advisors considering a transition and seeking to maintain strong client relationships. Stream the entire podcast featuring Louis Diamond, President of Diamond Consultants, by clicking one of the links below:

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