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Coaching Professionals for over 20 years
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The Pareto BPS Network

A community of advisors looking to Buy from, Partner with or Sell to other advisors.

BPS Network
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Pareto Systems has developed and refined a process called The Multiplier Method that enables advisors to predictably and professionally position themselves for a successful transitional outcome.

Because of our immense network of contacts, we can also make introductions to potential Buyers, Partners and Sellers. We have a community of over 16,000 followers on Linked In and a database of over 100,000 who receive our content. Through our ongoing coaching and consulting deliverables, we constantly interact with advisors who inquire about future opportunities that include Buying, Partnering or Selling.

For Buyers - our process will enable you to build a franchise-ready playbook deploy scalable best practices within a new business both to elevate the client experience and maximize the value of your new asset. This process can be replicated more than once.

For Partners - our process will enable you to establish a good fit with a new partner and ensure that 1 + 1 can equal 3 using a proven and client centered approach.

For Sellers - our process will enable you to stage your business to ensure maximum value and secure your legacy by ensuring that your clients are well cared for after the transition.

BPS Network

Demographics and commoditization are driving these transactions to higher levels every year. Pareto Systems stays out in front of this by working with advisors to create consistency using best practices and a proprietary playbook; showing professionals how to run their business like a business to replicate success predictably.

We also interact continually with CPA's, attorneys and venture capital firms and other service providers. We can make introductions to assist you in multiplying and maximizing value in your present transition as well as provide clarity to your future endeavors.

Book a Discovery Consultation with Duncan

An ideal next step is to engage Duncan in a Gap Analysis and Discovery Consultation. You can have absolute clarity on addressable areas for refinement and define a critical path for actionable next steps that remove the mystery going forward. You can also discuss an Alignment and Fit Process to identify a suitable person to collaborate with in your plan as it moves ahead.

BPS Network

To learn more about BPS Network simply click on the button below to schedule a Pareto Systems Introductory Call with one of our representatives or fill out the form with any questions you might have.

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