Accelerate your Business Growth through Video
with Guests: Laura Garfield
and Sharon Gottula
Includes Q&A Session
Thursday, November 4th at 12 pm ET
Top advisors today are using video as a key component in their growth strategy. Especially through this disruption of the past 19 months, when digital media has become one of the most important ways to communicate with clients and prospective clients.
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Once a successful financial advisor has achieved consistent, sustainable, organic growth the natural next step is to consider scalable, acquisition-based growth. Increasingly, we see top professionals transform their proven best practices into intellectual properties that can be deployed over and over again. This is what it means to turn a book of business into an actual business; a business that has no limits and achieves steadily improving enterprise value.

Becoming franchise-ready could not be timelier, as it relates to demography. There is a massive group of current advisors five years or less from a planned exit. This community is thinking about how to take at least some money off the table, or to fully monetize the equity value of their business. The truly enlightened also want to ensure their clients are well-taken-care-of once a transition takes place.

Pareto Systems will play an active role in:

#1: Creating Your "Best Practices" Playbook

Beginning with identifying the untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities within the firm, Pareto Systems will provide strategic input on practice management and relationship management solutions to create a scalable and predictable playbook, so that no matter how many messengers within a firm, the message and the process remains consistent.

#2: Fit Process with Prospective Advisors

Advisors that are considering moving from their current firm to one that is a better fit for them and for their clients experience uncertainty in terms of how this transition will unfold. To address this, Pareto Systems will help them get out in front of all the related issues and check every box to ensure the outcome significantly exceeds expectations and removes any mystery around the transition. Partnering with Pareto Systems, you can effectively attract and onboard new advisors and successfully transition their Clients. Through a fit process, you will identify new advisors who are suited for your Advisory Team based on a philosophical alignment and a mutual alignment of interests. The new advisor would like to:

  • Work in a culture that is more conducive to their clients; appreciates a stewardship over salesmanship approach
  • Ensure a smooth transition for the advisor and their clients
  • Draft in behind an advisory firm with a predictable playbook
  • Commit to advisor best practices and elevate the client experience

Part of your value proposition will be that Pareto Systems will work with the new advisor to transition their clients and train them on your best practices playbook. They will see that you are investing in the accelerated growth of their business.

#3: Onboard Process with New Advisors

Pareto Systems will train the new advisor so that they can draft in behind your process and be implementing your playbook as quickly as possible with consistency and predictability.

#4: Ongoing Support

As you continue to buildout your Franchise Ready Model and grow your business, Pareto Systems will be your practice management department for strategy and implementation support to retain great advisors.

The Franchise Ready Advisor

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