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Join Duncan MacPherson for Mastermind - Achieve Success through this Proven Process
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Mastermind: Total Client Engagement

Pareto Systems and Duncan MacPherson are hosting a series of Mastermind sessions in amazing Palm Springs, California.

A small group of Advisors, together with Duncan MacPherson will dive deeply into issues facing Financial Professionals today. These sessions are not a pep talk or group hug. They are not a lecturing data dump, but rather a productive, actionable conversation with a clear path for implementation.

This process will help you to:

  • Competitor-Proof Clients
  • Gain Their Full Empowerment
  • Create Referral-Generating Advocates

Duncan MacPherson
Join Duncan MacPherson, author of The Advisor Playbook, for Mastermind at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa or The Parker Palm Springs
The Advisor Playbook

Mastermind Investment: $2500 USD + travel

- Two nights' accommodation included
- One full-day Meeting at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
- One Pre-Meeting Gap Analysis Call for clarity
- One Post-Meeting Implementation Follow Up Call
- Access to the Turnkey Pareto Academy Implementation Dashboard
- The Advisor Playbook included in purchase
- Discounted room rates available for extended stay
- Book today as space is limited
Please note: January 25th, 2018 Mastermind will be held at The Parker Palm Springs

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort Highlights:

- 444 guest rooms, including 22 suites
- 27-hole Ted Robinson-designed golf course
- 20,000-square-foot European spa with 26 treatment rooms
- 25 state-of-the-art tennis courts
- Lazy river, waterslides and cliff-side hot tub in Splashtopia Adult-only pool
- State-of-the-art fitness center with Cybex equipment
- Five resort restaurants
- 84,000 square-feet of diverse meeting & event space

Mastermind Schedule:

Mastermind Session Description:

Total Client Engagement - Competitor-proof and Maximize Client Relationships

In the financial industry, one primary issue stands out in recent years: Commoditization.

This Mastermind session will examine how to move your client relationships from product and pricing, to process and philosophy, focusing on positioning yourself as a professional with a stewardship mindset rather than a salesperson with a quota.

Aside from a prospectus, product brochure or statement, your business has become extremely virtual and complex. As a result, the commoditization of your role has been amplified to the point that clients can trivialize your value and leadership and focus solely on ROI. This can undermine loyalty, expectation management, on-going empowerment and endorsements. Adding tangible tools to your approach helps remind both your affluent clients and your prospective clients that there are two types of advisors - salespeople and consultants - and what the differences between the two are.

There are a multitude of benefits that come from creating a playbook and documenting your processes. You convert your business procedures into valuable intellectual properties and, in the process, increase the value of your business. A book of business limited to assets on paper has a smaller value than an actual business with predictable, sustainable and duplicable systems. Furthermore, because of the consistent commitment to best practices, your ability to competitor-proof clients, uncover money in motion and be more referable become inevitable.

This session will introduce you to actionable proven processes which enable you to quickly and predictably:

  • Competitor-Proof Clients
  • Gain Their Full Empowerment
  • Create Referral-Generating Advocates

These processes and strategies can plug-and-play into:

  • Your current on-boarding process to fast-track to empowerment and advocacy
  • Your current client review process to reframe and maximize existing relationships

Mastermind Format:

1. Pre-Meeting Gap Analysis with Duncan MacPherson (Phone Consultation)

Pareto Systems has developed and refined a personalized Gap Analysis that determines exactly where the untapped opportunities and unaddressed issues are within your business.

Having applied this diagnostic process with some of the most effective professionals in the business, Duncan will work with you to identify the Gaps in your current approach and help you prepare for the Mastermind Session.

2. Mastermind Session (In Palm Springs, CA)

Duncan MacPherson acts as the facilitator and proposes a structure and a process to the meeting. He walks you through the Best Practice "do's and don'ts" and then opens up the conversation to make it specific and actionable.

Throughout the day, Advisors interact with Duncan and other elite advisors working through the specific strategy, discussion and implementation.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

3. Post-Meeting Implementation Follow-Up Call (Phone Consultation)

The Post Implementation Call is scheduled after your Mastermind session to help you guarantee implementation. As you return to your office and have that "back-to-the-desk" moment, this call is a crucial motivator to move from intent to implement.

4. Access to the Turnkey Pareto Academy Implementation Dashboard

The Implementation Dashboard helps engage your team in actual implementation. The dashboard ensures the knowledge you received from the Mastermind session is not simply lost, but becomes a consistent and regular component of your business.

Pareto Academy

Mastermind Schedule:

Pareto Systems
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