Shaping Your Branding Strategy
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, June 25th at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson, co-author of The Advisor Playbook and The Blue Square Method, for this fast-paced webinar as he explores the essentials of shaping a powerful branding strategy. Duncan will focus on viewing your brand from your clients' perspective and leveraging that insight to create a compelling and authentic brand.
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In Person, and Virtual Presentations

In person or virtually, our presentations are not pep-talks or fireside chats; rather our speakers deliver productive, actionable strategies with a clear path for implementation.

The real value begins once the presentation ends. To ensure the audience can translate the ideas and strategies into real results, all of Pareto's Speakers can provide actionable follow-up resources for implementation into their business.

This may include:
  • Linked & sequential webinars
  • Video & complementary resources
  • Articles, scripts, templates and tools

Presentation Topics

Total Client Engagement: Become their Personal CFO

With the commoditization of the financial services industry, and the volatility in the market place there has never been a better time to be more relevant to your clients. In uncertain times, clients have anxiety and apprehension, and you need to help them look to the future with anticipation. Duncan MacPherson's process will unlock your full potential when it comes to consistent client acquisition and sustainable client retention, by dialing in a combination of proven strategies that elevate you above the competition and empower you fully with your clients.

This presentation will help you to:
  • De-commoditize your core solutions
  • De-personalize and professionalize the client experience
  • De-mystify how you are perceived and described

Breakthrough Business Development: Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you aspire to a predictable business without any plateaus while restoring liberation and order to your personal life, Duncan MacPherson has created an actionable process that you can translate into measurable results. This time-tested approach has been deployed by thousands of fee-for-service professionals to reduce friction and improve sustainable productivity.

This presentation will help you to:
  • Competitor-proof existing client relationships
  • Convert occasional customers into fully empowering clients
  • Create a referable client experience

Cracking the Code: The Art of Articulating Your Value

To unlock your full potential when it comes to consistent client acquisition and sustainable client retention, you need to dial in a combination of proven strategies that elevate you from your competitors. Duncan MacPherson has developed and refined a process that ensures that you can stand out from the pack and attract great clients rather than having to chase them.

This presentation will help you to:
  • Develop a value proposition that differentiates you
  • Deploy stewardship over salesmanship for improved persuasive impact
  • Ensure clients focus on what you're worth rather that what you cost

The Franchise Ready Advisor: Mastering Organic & Scalable Growth

Once a successful financial advisor has achieved consistent, sustainable, organic growth, the natural next step is to consider scalable, acquisition-based growth.

Increasingly, we see top professionals transform their proven best practices into intellectual properties that can be deployed over and over again. This is what it means to turn a book of business into an actual business; a business that has no limits and achieves steadily improving enterprise value.

This presentation will help you to:
  • Address the gaps in your current approach and gain clarity
  • Increase the enterprise value of your business
  • Develop a scalable and predictable playbook
  • Ensure an elevated acquisition so that 1 + 1 = 3

The Multi-Generational Advisor: Mastering Client Continuity and Succession Dynamics

For many financial professionals, their favorite clients are first-generation self-made entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. These clients have many needs, now and in the future, and require a relationship with a personal CFO (Complete Family Office) with a panoramic and all-encompassing process. In this presentation, Duncan outlines a proven approach that enables advisors to differentiate from the pack by uncovering unmet needs and establishing an alignment with these clients that makes the advisor indispensable.

This approach includes:
  • How to position continuity and succession into your process
  • The art of relationship management based on the distinction between earned wealth and inherited wealth
  • How to reframe existing relationships so that top clients fully understand and appreciate your value
  • How to deploy a client experience that clients can grow into but never grow out of
  • Ensure total family engagement before money goes into motion

Indispensable Support: How to Create Powerful Teams

For many financial teams, Advisors serve as the face of the business, while the team members play a crucial role in enhancing efficiencies and consistency. Their support elevates the client experience and drives business growth. Fundamentally, the team's dedication ensures that Advisors can concentrate their time and energy on the firm's most valuable asset: their clients.

In this presentation, Pareto Systems will outline a proven approach that enables team members to become indispensable to the firm.

This approach includes how to:
  • Gain clarity on untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities within the firm
  • Ensure consistent branding and communication across the team to build powerful client relationships
  • Refine processes to ensure impeccable delivery for new and existing clients
  • Clearly define a service model to ensure an elevated client experience
  • Develop a Best Practices Playbook to drive implementation and ensure consistency across the firm

Blue Square Method: Become the Best Version of Yourself

If you aspire to personal fulfilment, gratitude, balance, and purpose in your business and life, Duncan MacPherson has created an actionable process that will help you translate your ambition into meaningful results.

This presentation will help you to:
  • Love what you do and build on your sense of purpose
  • Have a world-class process
  • Create advocacy with new and existing clients
  • Fully monetize your value

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