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The Multiplier Method

Program: The Multiplier Method

Program Type: 1:1 Coaching

Duration: 6 - 12 Months

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The Pareto Systems Multiplier Method Program focuses on advisors who are considering buying or selling a book of business, and maximizing the enterprise value of the transaction from either end. In the transfer of a book of business the objective for the seller is to multiply the value of his or her asset when selling all, or even just a portion of, their business; for the buyer, they want to multiply the value of their acquisition as quickly and predictably as possible.

The process includes a framework to determine vital pre-acquisition or sale factors through a dedicated fit process to ensure that the practice being bought is valued correctly, and to make a seller's practice franchise-ready and consistent to raise its enterprise value. It answers questions including:

  • What are the history and quality of clients? Are they fully empowering?
  • What portion of the book was organically acquired vs. absorbed/purchased elsewhere?
  • What at the numbers of customers, clients and advocates present?
  • What has been the communication process been? How has the value of the practice been positioned to clients and have they internalized it?
  • Are COI and professional relationships meaningful and transferrable?

The Multiplier Method structures the transition with a sequential three-step process that includes:

  1. The Ramp-up - being prepared with a methodical transitional process that will build predisposition and buy-in for the clients involved
  2. The Launch - a sequential approach to communicate the transition process to clients and position it as a benefit and service to them
  3. The Follow-through - how to fast-track clients to advocate status and uncover untapped business through an empowerment process

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Pareto Systems has developed this process to help an advisor be best positioned to multiply the value of his or her business upon selling, as well as helping an advisor be best positioned for a predictable and profitable acquisition and transition upon buying a practice. If you are considering buying or selling in the future contact us.

The Multiplier Method

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