How to Use Technology to Build a More Predictable and Sustainable Business
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Thursday, June 2nd at 12 pm ET
Does your technology help you to create a consistent client experience? Can you deploy duplicable systems? Are you leveraging technology to become more efficient? Join Duncan MacPherson, founder of Pareto Systems and author of 'The Blue Square Method', as he discusses implementing best practices through technology.
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Achieve: Total Client Engagement
A turnkey process to unlock quality referrals
  • Establish a steady stream of qualified referrals
  • Uncover new assets
  • Run a more efficient and profitable practice
Pareto Systems' Total Client Engagement Process will help you achieve a breakthrough in your business, click below to learn more or get started today.

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Total Client Engagement - Become their Personal CFO
Total Client Engagement - Become their Personal CFO

Are you positioned as salesperson with a quota, or a consultant with a process?
For more than two decades, Pareto Systems has partnered with world class Financial Services Firms and their Advisors. Through extensive interviews and feedback we have pinpointed one primarily issue facing the Industry in recent years: Commoditization.

Think about it. Aside from a prospectus, product brochure or statement, your business has become extremely virtual and complex. As a result, the commoditization of your role has been amplified to the point that clients can trivialize your value and leadership and focus solely on ROI. This can undermine loyalty, expectation management, on-going empowerment and endorsements. Adding tangible tools to your approach helps remind both your affluent clients and your prospective clients that there are two types of advisors - salespeople and consultants - and what the differences between the two are.

This actionable proven process will enable you to quickly and predictably:

  • Competitor-Proof Clients
  • Gain Their Full Empowerment
  • Create Referral-Generating Advocates

This turnkey process can plug and play into:

  • Your current on-boarding process to fast-track to empowerment and advocacy
  • Your current client review process to reframe and maximize existing relationships

Duration and Time Commitment

Three or four month process and approximately 2-3 hours per week for program study and implementation.

1:1 Implementation Calls

Total Client Engagement includes an onboarding call, three linked and sequential implementation calls, and "check-ins" via phone and email with a Pareto Business Consultant.

Access to Pareto Academy

The process is supported and made actionable by the Pareto Academy, which is an online virtual coaching application that contains additional step-by-step resources for implementing the strategies in each module. Resources include videos, articles, scripts, templates and worksheets.

Duncan MacPherson

"After 20 years of working with some of the most effective advisors in the business, this is the most actionable, professional and predictable process I have ever assimilated! Nothing I've ever seen produces a more meaningful ROI and measurable results."

-Duncan MacPherson

Total Client Engagement

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