Wednesday, March 24th
The Women Are Here! eSummit - Wednesday March 24th, 2021 - Starting at 2 pm ET

The Women are Here! is an intelligent, innovative & caring alliance created to empower women in wealth and elevate their advisory practice, with the purpose of inspiring and energizing as many women as possible.

Join Senior Pareto Systems' Business Consultants, Sherri Palle, Marci Fried and Elaine Christakos for this fast-paced, value packed eSummit. Pareto Systems' CEO, Duncan MacPherson will be opening the summit.

We want to maximize the value of what women have to contribute to their organizations, clients, team, family, neighbors, community, worthy causes, and by extension of that -- making the world a better place.

Together with vision and determination, we will empower financial independence for women everywhere.

*Please note, we will be broadcasting the summit via YouTube

Marci Fried
Marci Fried
Certified Pareto Business Consultant | Speaker
Elaine Christakos
Elaine Christakos
Certified Pareto Business Consultant
Sherri Palle
Sherri Palle
Certified Pareto Business Consultant
The Women are Here! eSummit Agenda:
(All times are approximate and may vary)
2:00 PM Eastern
Welcome to the Women's Symposium - Duncan MacPherson: CEO, Pareto Systems

2:20 PM Eastern
The Women are Here! - Marci Fried, Sherri Palle, Elaine Christakos: Pareto Systems

2:30 PM Eastern
Your Vision, Your Practice - Marci: Pareto Systems & Kristina Miller: CFO4Life

3:00 PM Eastern
Upping Your Influence - Elaine: Pareto Systems & Jackie Wilke: First Trust

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern - Bio Break

3:30 PM Eastern
Women In Leadership - Build Your Dream Team - Sherri: Pareto Systems & Marcia Anton: Anton Financial

4:00 PM Eastern
How to Look Your Best in Virtual Meetings - Laura Garfield: Idea Decanter

4:15 PM Eastern
Your Personal Communication Strategies - Elaine: Pareto Systems

4:45 PM Eastern
Energize. Empower. Elevate. Marci, Sherri, Elaine: Pareto Systems

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The Women Are Here! eSummit March 24th, 2021

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