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2018-05-04 • 30 second read

One of the most important procedures you can document and refine is that of onboarding new clients. The benefits of starting a new relationship professionally include:

Validation - The new client was probably referred from an existing client or strategic partner. At some point in the future these two people are going to connect and you want the new client to say “Thank you for introducing me to your advisor”. That validation makes you more referable and increases the likelihood that the referrer will do it again.

Contrast - The new client will contrast your client experience to that of their former advisor. Positive contrast solidifies their decision and competitor- proofs them in the future.

Self-motivation – The new client feels so good about their decision that they feel compelled to wave your flag to others. They know how to describe you because the experience is positive, clear and fresh in their minds.

Excerpt from International Best-seller: The Advisor Playbook

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2018-05-03 • 4 min 28 second video

In this episode of ‘From the Field’ Duncan discusses strategies for becoming a specialist, not a generalist, for business owners.

'From the Field' series is now available as a podcast series!

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2018-05-02 • 20 second read

Once a successful financial advisor has achieved consistent, sustainable organic growth, the natural next step is to consider scalable, acquisition-based growth. Success in Buying a Business comes by Design, not by Chance.

Join Pareto CEO Duncan MacPherson and Scott Wetzel, Managing Partner at Succession Lending, for this fast-paced podcast on The Art of Buying a Business.

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2018-04-30 • 20 second read

Often, when asking an affluent prospect about their relationship with their current professional, a typical response is that “all is well” and that “everything is just fine”. Unfortunately, these prospects don’t know what they don’t know, and we have found it a best practice of the elite professional to help draw a contrast between the experience they are currently receiving and the potential of something much greater.

Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook:

Learn how to position yourself as the superior alternative… schedule a call with my team today:

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2018-04-27 • 20 second read

Many of the most successful professional advisors I know have increased their persuasive impact by radically altering their sales process with prospective clients. These advisors (many of whom used to be salespeople) have evolved into professional consultants; they now strive to attract new clients rather than chase them. Instead of using the old-school sales process to close business, they use a fit process to fast-track new clients to advocacy.

Just as we tell advisors to follow a fit process, we too follow a fit process with prospective clients. If what I communicate on LinkedIn resonates with you, I invite you to our fit process. Call 1.866.593.8020 to learn more.

2018-04-26 • 4 minute 5 second audio

A discussion on converting customers into fully empowering clients who don’t just buy something but buy into something.

Watch more of my From the Field series on YouTube:

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2018-04-25 • 20 second read

The office experience you create is an extension of your personal branding. It helps clients connect with you on a deeper level. Consistent service, expectation management and performance will always be primary factors when it comes to long-term relationships, but there are many other factors you can utilize to help insulate your relationships from the things outside your control. How clients feel about you, especially when they meet with you in your office, contributes to their sense of belonging, which can contribute greatly to refer-ability. I can also tell you this: Many advisors have told me that their clients mention how much they love their advisor’s office environment and team culture when they are describing that advisor to a friend.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, from your office to your communication, everything should be in sync. Learn more about our Total Client Engagement program which has a major focus around your personal branding:

2018-04-24 • 2 min 14 second video

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2018-04-23 • 20 second read

When it comes to practice management, a lot of attention must be placed on the client experience. Using an agenda, having a fit process, onboarding a client systematically and deploying a service matrix are just a few of the essentials that I help advisors put into action to project professionalism and strengthen their client relationships.

Have you ever had an outside set of eyes review your process to identify the gaps that might be holding you back? Book a call with my team to discuss how we can help refine your approach to ensure an elevated client experience and increased advocacy:

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