Niche Marketing Strategies
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, July 23rd at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson for a webinar on niche marketing strategies specifically tailored for financial advisors. In this session, you will learn how to identify and effectively target your Most Valued Prospects (MVPs) to differentiate your practice and elevate your brand.
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2024-07-18 20:51:54 • 20 second read

AI Insights and Breakthroughs - Especially for Advisors! with Kevin Bishopp - Always On with Duncan MacPherson Podcast, Ep. 61

AI will not replace humans. It will replace humans who don't embrace AI.

Ever-curious advisors committed to learning about AI's latest uses are more likely ...

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2024-07-17 19:10:09 • 20 second read

Leading with generosity can significantly enhance your client acquisition efforts. When you focus on giving"whether it's advice, time, or resources"you create an environment of trust and goodwill. This approach naturally attracts clients who appreciate the value you provide without expecting ...

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2024-07-16 19:12:16 • 20 second read

Are you looking to transform your business with the latest AI technology? Or just simply want to understand what is out there?

Our new guidebook is the starting resource for Advisors that want to stay competitive, enhance their marketing and client experience strategy, and become a thought...

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2024-07-15 17:34:27 • 20 second read

Family phone calls are a vital tool for connecting with the next generation of clients. These calls serve as a proactive introduction, helping you build relationships with younger family members who will one day inherit wealth. By establishing this connection early, you position yourself as their...

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2024-07-10 19:35:11 • 20 second read

Adopting a service-first approach can transform the way you gain referrals and introductions. 

By prioritizing the delivery of exceptional value, you make the introduction process seamless and genuine. Clients feel more comfortable recommending you when they see firsthand the ...

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2024-07-08 19:02:04 • 20 second read

Client engagement should be proactive rather than reactive to drive sustainable growth. Waiting for clients to contact you can result in missed opportunities and weakened relationships. By anticipating their needs and reaching out first, you demonstrate your commitment and add significant value ...

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2024-07-03 15:55:28 • 20 second read

Taking the initiative to build relationships within your clients' families is crucial for financial professionals. It's up to you to reach out and make those connections, ensuring you become indispensable throughout the entire family tree. This approach not only strengthens trust but also secures...

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2024-07-01 15:03:57 • 20 second read

Today, we celebrate the rich heritage, diverse culture, and boundless opportunities that make our country truly remarkable. As we reflect on what it means to be Canadian, let's take a moment to appreciate the values we hold dear"community, ambition, and resilience.

At Pareto Systems, we ...

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2024-06-27 21:05:09 • 20 second read

Unlock Success in Family Dynamics and Next-Gen Wealth with Jackie Wilke

Are you ready to become the indispensable advisor who guides entire families through wealth building and legacy planning?

Remember, it's not your client's responsibility to introduce you and it's not the family...

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2024-06-26 16:37:09 • 20 second read

Aligning interests and removing resistance fosters better, long-term relationships by creating a foundation of mutual trust and shared goals. 

When both parties' interests are aligned, it reduces ...

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2024-06-19 14:45:41 • 20 second read

Find your breakthrough in the financial services industry!

Asking the right questions and learning from others' experiences can be the key to unlocking your potential in this industry " especially if you're just starting out.

On this episode of the "Always On Podcast", Duncan ...

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2024-06-06 20:37:51 • 20 second read

The Advisor of Tomorrow with Isaac Richard III 

Newer advisors in the industry are always thinking of ways to not just survive but thrive.

Meanwhile, more experienced advisors want to attract younger talent as part of their continuity and succession plan.

Let's explore ...

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2024-06-04 17:57:35 • 20 second read

Through the Lens of Your Clients

Join Duncan MacPherson, co-author of The Advisor Playbook and The Blue Square Method, for this past-paced webinar as he explores the essentials of shaping a powerful branding strategy. Duncan will focus on...

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2024-05-31 20:48:39 • 20 second read

Firms that are winning and recruiting advisors right now, what are they doing differently?

How are they managing to attract top talent?

I talk about this in the latest episode of the Always On podcast with Louis Diamond, President of Diamond Consultants.

The episode is packed ...

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2024-05-29 17:05:35 • 2 minute read

Are you spinning your wheels trying to grow your business? 

Do you have growth, but want more time to spend with family and friends? Do you feel your clients deserve a better, more consistent experience? If so, you're not alone. 

Advisors seeking an edge ...

2024-05-28 19:46:25 • 2 minute video

Advisors ask us all the time what other advisors say about working with Pareto Systems. 

We are incredibly grateful to Walt West, CEO of West Advisory Group, for his heartfelt testimonial about his experience with Pareto Systems and his coach, Elaine Christakos. As a serious student of...

2024-05-23 18:02:10 • 20 second read

"Here's Why We're Moving"

Thinking about leaving your current firm? Learn how to navigate the transition with effective client communication. Duncan and Louis explore key messaging strategies for financial advisors, including:

  • Acknowledge Your Current ...
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2024-05-22 18:19:05 • 20 second read

Advisors have several options to transition today!

For example, they can move to a different wirehouse, go independent, join a private equity-backed RIA, or even seek a regional firm.

However, if you're uncertain about how to navigate the entire journey, check out the latest Always On...

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2024-05-21 19:52:57 • 20 second read

Webinar Replay: 4 Steps to Building Your Dream Team

Assembling a new team, or enhance an existing one?

Missed Duncan MacPherson's insightful webinar on the dynamics of forming and developing high-performance teams. Based on the acclaimed Tuckman's Model, this ...

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2024-05-16 19:56:00 • 20 second read

Finding Clarity and Confidence in Advisor Transitions with Louis Diamond

Transitioning to another employee-model firm or launching an RIA firm can be daunting!

Finding the right fit, adapting to the new environment, communicating the transition to your existing clients"there's a ...

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2024-05-06 18:04:26 • 20 second read

You don't need to shy away from referrals!

If you know the right language (phrases or scripts), you can ask for referrals without coming across as pushy.

Tune in to the latest episode of Always On to uncover the language of referrals with Bill Cates, The Original Referral ...

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2024-04-25 19:44:01 • 20 second read

The Language of Referrals with Bill Cates - Always On with Duncan MacPherson, Ep. 57

Does asking for referrals make you feel like you're being needy? Are you afraid of hurting your existing relationships with clients and COIs?

When asking for referrals, your words ...

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2024-04-24 14:41:42 • 20 second read

A Fuel for Resilience

In a world obsessed with achievement, we often overlook the importance of gratitude. Yet, cultivating an attitude of gratefulness can be the secret weapon that fuels our success. ...

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2024-04-11 21:07:38 • 20 second read

Is intergenerational wealth transfer a concern for your clients?

Well, it might be time to get all generations together in one room and have a family meeting! 

This week on the Always On podcast, Duncan MacPherson and Tom Deans discuss how successful advisors use "facilitated ...

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2024-04-05 20:37:44 • 20 second read

Are you prepared to guide your clients through this challenging transition?

The wealth transfer tsunami is here. As the first generation looks to pass on their legacy and the next generation looks to responsibly steward their inheritance, the advisor will play a crucial role in the ...

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2024-04-04 19:46:16 • 20 second read

Transitioning Next-Gen Wealth with Tom Deans - Always On With Duncan MacPherson, Ep. 56

Passing on a legacy and managing family dynamics can be overwhelming for first-generation ...

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2024-04-03 20:42:59 • 20 second read

When we launched the 'Practice Management Index' in 2022, we had no idea how quickly this tool would be adopted by thousands of Financial Advisors to quickly identify exactly what they need to do to make meaningful refinements in their business. As we step into 2024, financial advisors are ...

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2024-04-01 14:38:57 • 20 second read

With messaging, the key is brevity, specificity, and proprietary.

This involves:

  • Choosing your target audience,
  • Personalizing your marketing to resonate with them,
  • Walking them through a proprietary process, and
  • Sharing their experience using effective ...
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2024-03-22 16:16:36 • 20 second read

Reframing/reinforcing your value and garnering a newfound appreciation among them is a great way to increase testimonials and referrals.

Learn how to effectively market to your current clients with actionable examples in the Always On podcast featuring guests Seth Diener and Alex Lerch:

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2024-03-15 17:17:25 • 20 second read

It's not what you say, it's what they hear!

The way you articulate your value to clients and prospects plays a huge role in your branding.

So, when clients believe financial advising is solely about managing money and picking investments, they may overlook the comprehensive value and ...

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2024-03-14 18:49:47 • 20 second read

The Future of Branding and Client Acquisition with Seth Diener and Alex Lerch - Always On With Duncan MacPherson Ep. 55

With messaging, the key is brevity, specificity, and proprietary.

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2024-03-11 18:12:27 • 20 second read

On Tuesday, March 26th at 12:00 PM ET we invite you to unlock the secrets to building a thriving professional referral network with Pareto Systems. Many advisors struggle to consistently secure referrals from influential professionals and rainmakers outside their client base. In this dynamic ...

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2024-03-06 16:33:58 • 20 second read

Higher recurring revenue = higher enterprise value! 

But that's just one of the factors.

What else affects the value of your business? How can you earn a higher multiple when it's time to sell?

Duncan MacPherson and Ted Jenkin address these crucial questions in the latest ...

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2024-02-22 17:23:47 • 20 second read

Always On With Duncan MacPherson - Leaving No Stone Unturned: How to Maximize Your Exit Strategy with Ted Jenkin (Ep. 54)

Want to receive maximum value for the business you've worked so hard to build?

The key lies in being proactive with your exit strategy.

Dive into a ...

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2024-02-21 21:34:03 • 20 second read

Did you miss Duncan MacPherson's webinar on how to achieve a work-optional lifestyle in five years?

If you did, you missed a lot of valuable insights and strategies on how to transform your business into a self-sustaining entity that gives you the freedom to choose when and how you work. ...

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2024-02-09 17:24:31 • 20 second read

Always On With Duncan MacPherson - Shaping Your Branding Strategy: How to Run a Client Advisory Council with Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr. (Ep. 53)

In your mind, you have a certain brand image and value proposition for your business. Do your clients see it ...

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2024-02-02 17:36:45 • 20 second read

Ever tried to see your business through your client's eyes?

Once you make an effort to know how your clients perceive your value, you may be surprised!

You may even get different answers from different clients.

Learn how to align your brand image with client perception and ...

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2024-01-24 21:13:26 • 20 second read

Is prompting AI a skill? It sure is!

To get the best results, it is important to ask questions a certain way and use effective prompts.

To learn more about strategically deploying AI in your business as a financial advisor, check out the latest release of Always On, featuring Craig ...

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2024-01-18 18:09:44 • 20 second read

AI: Teenager or Trusted Business Partner?

"AI is like dealing with a teenager. Trust, but verify!"

So well said by Craig Kirkpatrick!

Craig is the founder of Act-Three Consulting, a firm that assists financial professionals in adopting and deploying AI within their ...

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2024-01-12 18:19:22 • 20 second read

The gift of time. And much more!

Advisors, AI is here to serve you, not hurt you. But you must know how to use it.

In the latest episode of Always On, Duncan MacPherson and Craig Kirkpatrick discuss several AI use cases for financial advisors to save time, create content, improve ...

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2024-01-11 18:53:55 • 20 second read

Always On with Duncan MacPherson Podcast - Harness the Power of AI: Game-Changing Strategies for Modern Advisors with Craig Kirkpatrick (Ep. 52)

Whether you like it or not, the world is quickly adopting artificial intelligence (AI).

Now, the choice is yours - Do you ...

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2024-01-05 16:21:01 • 20 second read

Are you inadvertently sidelining the human element in the pursuit of rapid business growth?

If yes, we encourage you to listen to our recent podcast episode.

Duncan MacPherson and Bill Sowell, CEO of Sowell Management, talk about ways to elevate your relationship management while ...

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2024-01-04 16:04:50 • 20 second read

The risk for advisors lies in losing sight of the true essence of their business - relationships and trust-building.

Join Duncan and his guest Bill Sowell on the latest episode of the Always On podcast, where they explore the delicate balance between high-tech and high-touch.

They had...

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2024-01-01 21:51:06 • 20 second read

As the New Year begins, all of us here at Pareto Systems invite you to join us in our journey to find your 'Blue Square' and achieve your goals. We ...

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2023-12-28 19:22:13 • 20 second read

Always On with Duncan MacPherson - From Organic to Scalable Growth with Bill Sowell

The transition to fee-based services has prompted advisors to prioritize fee-worthiness, with clients focusing less on cost and more on perceived value.

Plus, the complexities of ...

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2023-12-27 20:20:27 • 20 second read

How do you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of financial advising? How do you leverage AI to enhance your service and value proposition? How do you achieve consistent and sustainable growth in your practice?

These are some of the questions that Chris Jeppesen and Duncan ...

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2023-12-20 19:34:00 • 20 second read

Technology is not here to replace financial advisors, but rather to elevate their client experience.

Discover how AI tools like Read AI can transform your practice and change the way you do business.

Listen to the latest episode of Always On to learn more. 

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2023-12-15 19:39:26 • 20 second read

Never underestimate the enduring impact and resonance your client interactions can have!

The true value isn't just in the immediate exchange of information during your meetings but in the aftermath.

The feelings and perceptions your clients leave with are the real ...

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2023-12-14 19:39:53 • 20 second read

A Journey through Pareto Systems' Coaching Process

Tuesday, December 19 at 12noon ET / 9 am PT

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your personal and professional aspirations? Join us for an exclusive webinar, hosted by Duncan ...

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2023-12-08 19:45:42 • 20 second read

At a Mastermind session in San Diego along with Christian Ortez, Kevin Christensen, Samantha Dinh, Christina Zins, Dave Mantell, Jonna Damiano, Dianna Laney, Joseph Leedom, Andrei Hall, Brianne Soscia, Alissa Todd, Mike Woitkoski, Li Tian, Rod Uy, Arvind Ven, Mark F., Melanie C., and ...

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