Accelerate your Business Growth through Video
with Guests: Laura Garfield
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Thursday, November 4th at 12 pm ET
Top advisors today are using video as a key component in their growth strategy. Especially through this disruption of the past 19 months, when digital media has become one of the most important ways to communicate with clients and prospective clients.
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2021-10-14 • 20 second read

Q4 is the perfect time to finish the year with a bang, especially as we come out of an unprecedented disruption, and then fast track success in the New Year. Duncan will highlight three key steps financial professionals should take to maximize their client relationships and position their businesses for a strong and profitable final quarter of 2021, and for a great start to 2022. Each of the strategies is easy to implement and translate into results quickly and predictably. Duncan will walk through a proven process to:

Rejuvenate relationships with their best clients

Amplify growth through advocacy

Make timely adjustments to increase efficiency and productivity

This webinar will include a live Q&A with Duncan MacPherson. You can ask your questions live, or enter one when you register:

Can’t make it, but don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry, register now and ask your question, and we will give you access to the recording following the broadcast.

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2021-10-19 • 2 minute read

As a financial professional you’ve undoubtedly had clients asking questions about Bitcoin recently. As a consultant to elite financial professionals as well as being an investor and serious student of crypto currency and the blockchain space, I wanted to put this brief whitepaper together to supplement your awareness for this rapidly emerging segment of the financial services sector. At a minimum, you have to be able to engage your clients in a meaningful way if they have questions. Regardless of whether or not you ever have a physical position in this space, you must develop a philosophical position on this space. Notwithstanding where your firm and your compliance department stands currently, there is a good chance that at least a couple of your clients are already active in crypto outside of your deliverables.

As a lifelong planner, the key is to always be looking down the road at trends and trajectory. Two quick points right up front: in March of 2020, the overall market cap for the many thousands of crypto currencies was just under a 1 trillion USD. In mid-April of 2021, it approached 2.2 trillion - which is incidentally close to the GDP of the United Kingdom. When you consider the adoption curve, crypto is clearly tracking towards an inflection point.... Click here to read the full article on LinkedIn

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2021-10-15 • 20 second read

If you patiently and deliberately create a plan for the coming year over the next couple months, rather than on a Sunday evening over the holidays in December, you’ll create a plan that better serves you as a guidance system, is more actionable and predictable, and consists of goals that are balanced, clear and attainable.  

2021-10-14 • 3 min video

For me, one of the silver linings (of the last 18 months) has been embracing the game of pickleball. To me, it’s a version of mini tennis, and giant ping pong but with a really fast learning curve. Its also a decent workout and a lot of fun. So how is this relevant in life and to you?

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2021-10-13 • 20 second read

As clients share their aspirations, goals, and concerns, connect those with your value and deliverable. Make that part of your branding strategy and your process. Showing you understand and are listening will elevate your perceived value - and they’ll help you differentiate yourself from the vast majority of providers. Tracking and responding to those concerns should always be high on your list of priorities.

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2021-10-12 • 2 minute read

I wanted to share this with you because I just had a conversation with Chris Jeppesen, who is, as you might know, the co-author of The Advisor Playbook. He also heads up the best practices department of First Trust Portfolios. We were prepping for a podcast and discussing how revealing the past 18 months have been, especially between the teams that are cresting and potentially on a collision course with a plateau, and those who continue to climb with limitless potential for growth. We ended up talking about the Tour de France and it’s a great analogy. I don’t know if you follow it at all, but most cyclists on the flats look pretty comparable, but on the climbs you start to see how the best-prepared and those who really put in the work start to put distance between themselves and the pack.

Those distinctions are subtle and gradual, but very revealing. If you look at the leaderboard, the winner of the Tour de France was the Slovenian Pogacar, who compiled an all-in time of just under 83 hours of race time. What’s fascinating to me is that the South African racer Meintjes came in 14th - also world-class, but it was only a combined 34 minutes behind the leader. So it was a small gap, but a huge difference in rewards. That’s the winning edge.

Admittedly, if you’re into sports, cycling is one that requires immense will to achieve success. There are other sports that require both will and incredible skill. If you look at tennis, for example, the longest play in the history of the majors was Djokovic and Nadal, who hit a combined 54 shots at the highest possible level. In fact, the year before, they played in something like a six-hour marathon in Australia. Look at hockey. The longest continuous play between whistles was just over 11 minutes, and again, at the highest level. LPGA player Jane Blalock made 299 consecutive cuts over 11 years. Sport is truly an incredible metaphor for what separates the best from the rest.

The bottom line is this: Sit down with your team and take a moment to savor your grit, your passion, and resolve to continually improve while overcoming friction and uncertainty in the marketplace. Discuss what has been revealed within your team and not just what you’ve learned, but also who you become as a result of your accomplishments. Keep in mind that opportunities for innovation and refinement don’t just present themselves when you’re going uphill. Difficulty is still revealing, but there’s an awesome YouTube video of Michael Guerra who was going downhill in a cycling race. He pulled away from the Peloton by laying out flat on his seat, like Superman on his bike. So while all his other competitors were peddling madly, he reduced friction and blew by all of them without expending any effort. So remember it is often just slight adjustments, breaking away from accepted norms.

Continued Success!

Contributed by: Duncan MacPherson

2021-10-11 • 1 min video

This video is an excerpt of the “Establish A Referral Network - The Seventh Pillar Part 3” video now available now on YouTube:

2021-10-11 • 5 min video

The past 18 months have been very revealing, especially between the teams that are cresting, potentially on a collision course with a plateau, and those who continue to climb with limitless potential for growth.

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2021-10-08 • 20 second read

Clarity is one of the most important results of having a plan and a process. It allows you to tune out noise and distractions and focus on proven strategies that generate results. A good plan serves as a reminder of what matters as the year unfolds to ensure that you don’t drift off track. Ultimately it’s about a solid trajectory and mid-course corrections made early.

2021-10-07 • 1 min video

This video is an excerpt of the “Establish A Referral Network - The Seventh Pillar Part 3” video now available now on YouTube:

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