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2018-11-02 • 20 second read

Who views it as an accomplishment when you bring on a new client? Is it you for closing them, or them for qualifying because there's a good fit? Which is the track to advocacy?

Attend Mastermind in Palm Springs, CA to discuss strategies with other like-minded advisors looking to turn their top clients into referral-generating advocates. Springs 2019 dates have been added! Click here to learn more:

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2018-11-02 • 20 second read

In Minneapolis with Daniel Radosevich, Rich Jacquemart and Dan Lavin at First Trust Portfolios along with an energetic group of hockey loving advisors. View on LinkedIn:

2018-11-01 • 5 minute video

In this episode of The Blue Square Method video Duncan discusses the importance of self motivation in aspiring to the next level in terms of business development and practice management.

Pareto Systems' Total Client Engagement Process will help you achieve a breakthrough in your business and is available in our Pareto Academy. Click here to learn more about the process:

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2018-10-31 • 20 second read

Make sure prospective clients know you're a specialist, not a generalist. Whatever your target market is, do case studies, success stories, warnings and examples around that target market to help activate contrast - so that prospective clients understand you are superior to their current provider and give them a reason to reach out and talk to you.

Learn how to be re-position yourself as a specialist and attract top clients with our Total Client Engagement Process:

2018-10-30 • 3 min video

Elevate the enterprise value of your business and the quality of the clients you manage. In a knowledge for profit business your client relationships are your assets – not the services you provide. In this episode of the 5 Minute Fix, Duncan explains how to focus on why a client is a fit and should enter a relationship with you – not how you are going to implement your services, or what those services are.

To learn more about increasing your enterprise value by implementing a fit process, check out the Total Client Engagement consulting program and take the first step to the next level:

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2018-10-29 • 20 second read

Ask readers to ask for something as part of your content call-to-action. Write a white paper and you create content that becomes a hook to a first interaction. This helps you sift out prospects from the mass of suspects.

Get more valuable business development and practice management strategies from The Advisor Playbook. Click here for a sample excerpt:


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2018-10-26 • 20 sec

You can't want it more than they do. The idea of attracting anyone is all about an alignment of interests: It's all about a fit. You're not trying to convince someone to do something – they’re acknowledging fit.

This is one of the most important concepts we address with the advisors we work with, and that we follow ourselves at Pareto. Any professional that is interested in engaging with us, we take them through a fit process which includes gaining an understanding for our process, and our approach. These daily posts are a great starting point to see if there is an alignment between what we do, and what you are looking to achieve. We hope that some of these posts are having an impact on you and your business.

2018-10-25 • 4 min video

In this episode of The Blue Square Method, Duncan discusses the importance of establishing processes and sticking to plans.

We help our clients refine, optimize, professionalize and standardize everything so they can monetize with predictability. See if you are a fit for Blue Square:

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2018-10-24 • 20 second read

Professionalizing and standardizing the client experience, using an org chart to outline roles and responsibilities, building a playbook to capture procedures and a service matrix that defines how your service model works provides immense value to your clients. There are many benefits to this for both you and your clients. One of the most important for you is to ensure that you're constantly investing 80 percent of your time with the 20 percent of the clients who generate 80 percent of your business.

Are you spending your time on the clients that need you at the expense of the clients that deserve you? The Total Client Engagement II consulting program will help you, and your team, define a process to organize your clients, create scarcity and focus your time. Learn more:

2018-10-23 • 5 minute video

In this episode of The Blue Square Method, Duncan discusses the concept of right-sizing your book of business so you can focus your efforts on your client advocates who fully empower you.

We help our clients establish a client classification system to identify and service their top clients while right-sizing ‘customers’ who are not a fit. See if you are a fit for Blue Square:

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