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2018-03-27 • 4 min 11 sec

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2018-03-26 • 20 sec

When someone gives you the opportunity to explain your value proposition, I want you to ask yourself, “what does this person really want?” How you define yourself shouldn’t address what you do in the literal sense, it should address what the person craves; a relationship with an expert who helps them achieve what they aspire to - financial independence and a greater sense of control.

Learn how to define yourself through our Total Client Engagement Process:

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2018-03-23 • 20 sec

Some advisors try so hard to make their value proposition unique that they end up reciting a long-winded elevator speech or mission statement that is, frankly, just a collection of words and sounds like everyone else. The goal isn’t to create something earth shattering or esoteric, the goal is to create something simple and clear while instantly differentiating and elevating you.

Learn how to define yourself through our Total Client Engagement Process:

2018-03-22 • 4 min 5 sec

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2018-03-21 • 20 sec

You want to be perceived as a consultant with a process as opposed to a salesperson with a quota, but you have to define yourself. Tell clients or prospective clients you have a process. Repeat it. Keep reminding them. If you don’t define yourself, you will be defined automatically.

Learn how to define yourself through our Total Client Engagement Process:

2018-03-20 • 4 min 52 sec

Symbolize your value through imagery. Our friends at Lavish have a great selection of Greeting Cards, Prints, Canvases and more:

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2018-03-20 • 36 minute podcast

In what may be Top Advisor Marketing's most organic podcast to date, Matt is joined by President and CEO of Pareto Systems, Duncan MacPherson. In addition to his incredible business, Duncan is also the author of "The Advisor Playback" one of the most sought after books on the market when it comes to being a financial advisor. In this uniquely style podcast, Duncan is excited to bring our listeners a consultation and actionable process, rather than a lecture.

Click to listen/download podcast:

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2018-03-19 • 20 sec read

Many advisors tell me that their clients say that they ‘don’t talk about money with their friends and family members.’ What they are actually saying is that they aren’t clear about the advisor’s process or how endorsing the advisor to someone else will ultimately reflect on them. Or, they are concerned that you will try to sell their acquaintance on buying an investment product and becoming a client. If that ever happens, use the misconception as an opportunity to re-frame their perception and start the process of helping them understand your commitment to stewardship rather than salesmanship. To accomplish that, say something like this:

Excerpt from the Advisor Playbook. Get the scripting in my bestselling book: The Advisor Playbook, found in “Section 3: Branding”:

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2018-03-16 • 20 second read

Develop a proven strategy for differentiating yourself and elevating how you’re perceived and how you’re described. Go beyond greeting cards, wall décor and act like the Nike Swoosh to create an identity and imprint your value for your clients.

Visit our friends at to discover their stunning images that will symbolize your value:

2018-03-15 • 4 minute 35 second video

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