How Video can Impact Your 2023 Growth Strategy
Includes Q&A - with Duncan, Laura, and Sharon
Tuesday, February 21st at 12 pm ET
Top advisors today are using video as a key component in their growth strategy. Digital media has become one of the most important ways to communicate with clients and prospective clients.
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2023-01-06 • 30 Sec

Everything you do that has three or more steps must be documented. Once you document your processes, they become your intellectual property!

This week on the Always On podcast, Chris Jeppesen and I explain how you can turn your client experience into intellectual property that is difficult to replicate for competitors.

Always On Podcast Episode 33 out now - Click here to listen.

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2023-01-05 • 20 second read

Enough Coasting. Now’s the Time To Climb! With Chris Jeppesen

The financial services industry has experienced colossal changes over the last decade. Today, advisors are on a collision course with commoditization like never before!

As a result, coasting is not an option moving forward. It’s either climbing or fading to irrelevance.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Chris Jeppesen, chief of advisory practices at First Trust, on why advisors need to shift their mindset and focus more on relationship and practice management to grow their business.

They discuss:

  • Insights into The Blue Square Method; (and how it differs from The Advisor Playbook)
  • How to identify and address early symptoms of loyal fatigue in clients
  • How to effectively engage your team in a profound gap analysis
  • Four ways to be “always on” and fulfill your clients’ unmet needs
  • What elite, forward-looking professionals are doing to achieve scalable growth
  • And more

Tune in now (or download it for later!) by clicking here:

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2023-01-04 • 20 second read

Always have an extra chair in the room (some even have an artistic picture of an empty chair on the wall) to symbolize the prospective client’s current provider being in the room with you. The idea here is to think in terms of professional contrast, with an emphasis on self-evident professionalism. It’s a mindset technique to ensure you are sitting up straight and bringing your A-game to the meeting – not by chasing or competing – by being the most attractive option the prospective client will ever have.

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2023-01-03 • 2 minute read

Meeting with Prospective Clients If you’ve ever been to a large sporting event and a spontaneous chant or wave erupted and took hold throughout a stadium filled with thousands of people, it’s essentially a social form of phase transition where the energy in the building evolved into an organic harmonic pattern. After a concert or theatrical show, the crowd bursts into an applause where the clapping is in sync and transitions to a standing ovation – nobody told them to do it. It’s said that two metronomes will synch up within 30 minutes. It’s said that the hearts of two people in close proximity and with affection for each other will start beating together.

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2023-01-02 • 2 minute video

So the, the process starts with the data, it starts with the interview, and then it’s just a matter of helping them better understand what they really should be doing. And there’s, a lot of them understand what they could be doing because they read it all the time. They read different practice management books, they watch different podcasts, and there’s no shortage of strategies that they could pursue.

Click to here watch on YouTube

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2022-12-30 • 20 second read

Our consulting clients no longer (or never did) use pitch books or presentation decks. They use a beautifully crafted fit process. When they meet a prospective client for the first time, they pump hands and exchange pleasantries and then they say, “I hope you don’t mind but I looked you up and visited your website out of curiosity after our initial call. What really caught my eye was (something very personal but perhaps obscure that many might not notice or ask about).” The first goal is always to be interested. Being interesting is always a distant second because you learn nothing about someone by dominating the conversation.

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2022-12-29 • 20 second read

Depending on the experience you provide, you can meet, exceed, or fall short of client expectations.

And guess what? Your clients never forget two out of those three scenarios: Exceeding and falling short of expectations.

Plus, it is crucial that your clients know about the great work you do for them i.e., they appreciate you!

Learn more about exceeding client expectations and improving practice management in the latest episode of Always On with Duncan MacPherson by clicking here:

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2022-12-28 • 20 second read

Do you know what is the most difficult part of your business for competitors to replicate?

Your client experience.

In fact, performance coach Kevin BIshopp calls it the “final frontier for differentiation.”

Tune in to the newest episode of Always On with Duncan MacPherson to discover actionable ideas for elevating your client experience by clicking here: 

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2022-12-27 • 2 minute read

A best practice that can take more time to produce, but strongly reflects and supports your branding strategy, is content marketing. When you create and promote your content, and make it the call to action, you ask the world to ask for your thought leadership IP, rather than asking for appointments or new business. You are attracting with permission marketing, rather than chasing with sales techniques.

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2022-12-23 • 20 second read

When it comes to making significant changes to a practice, advisors might hesitate if it seems like a lot of “work.”

In this episode of Always On with Duncan MacPherson, performance coach Kevin Bishopp of First Trust shares how he eases advisors into the implementation of new business processes to elevate the client experience.

If you are not afraid to challenge the status quo and ready to enhance your business, stream the full episode by clicking here:

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