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2018-01-25 • 2 minute read

When you position the concept of a referral as a service you provide rather than as a favor you seek,and then drive it home with your sense of purpose, refer-ability is amplified. You don’t look needy and your value is easy to describe to others.

Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook


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2018-01-24 • 2 minute read

Do your clients know why they should refer someone to you? Have you communicated why you will make yourself available to speak to a friend or family member of theirs? Are you clear as to why your clients aren’t referring people to you now?

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2018-01-23 • 2:44 video

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2018-01-23 • 2 minute read

In my travels, I’ve noticed an undeniable trend... When it comes to referrals, there are only two camps: The advisors who effortlessly attract referrals and build a business with second, third and even fourth generation clients and a second group that consists of advisors who hit a plateau and can’t seem to get off the client-acquisition treadmill. My goal has been to determine what distinguishes these two groups. While there are several distinctions and similarities, the common thread is that the most referable professional advisors have a clearly defined sense of purpose and they communicate it consistently to their clients and strategic partners. 

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2018-01-22 • 20 second read

In order to increase the volume and quality of endorsements you receive, it doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is that your clients and partners believe what you believe. Unless, and until they do, their ability to relay your value persuasively to someone else will be hampered.


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2018-01-19 • 20 second read

As a business development consultant, I am often asked to critique a business owner’s value proposition,mission statement or elevator speech. More often than not, my first observation is that the individual’s attempt sounds much like everyone else. Even though they use words like “unique” and “differentiate”, ultimately the communication is interchangeable, bland and easy to dismiss. Furthermore, the focus tends to be more on “What I do” and “How I do it”, with little emphasis on “Why I do it”.


Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook


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2018-01-18 • 20 second read

Did you know that construction on the Empire State building began in 1930? This was, for a longtime, the tallest building in the world and it was built during a depression. I’m asking you to apply that same vision, confidence and work ethic to your business and build something that stands above the pack, even in periods of uncertainty and volatility.


Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook


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2018-01-17 • 20 second read

One of my favorite quotes,often attributed to Confucius, is “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” As a professional advisor you know all about the importance of planning, risk management and the power of compounding. From a business perspective, do you apply the same mindset?

Excerpt from The AdvisorPlaybook

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2018-01-17 • 2:48 video

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