Strategic Planning for 2023
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Thursday, October 20th at 12 pm ET
By refining your plan for the coming year over the next few months, rather than on a Sunday evening over the holidays in December, you'll create a plan that better serves you and your team, is more actionable and predictable, and consists of goals that are balanced, clear and attainable.
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2022-08-04 • 20 second read

Planning, philosophy and process are all interdependent. Educating a prospective client as to why this is – or re-framing your value with an existing client through the three Ps – helps them buy into your positioning as a professional consultant. 

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2022-08-03 • 20 second read

Franchise-readiness can provide scalable growth with additional protégés, too. Consider the younger people in your sector who are trying to break through, but because of the many headwinds they are starting to wonder if they will be viable five years from now. Without reinventing the wheel they can adopt, master and deploy your proprietary best practices to unlock a vein of gold that was dormant within their business, while liberating themselves to focus on what they enjoy doing - and you both can participate in that lift. As a financial professional client of ours who has cracked this code would say, "Why would I bring on another 100 clients when I could bring on one advisor with 100 clients?"

This is an excerpt of Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen’s new book ’The Blue Square Method’. Download Chapter 1 for free now at:


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2022-08-02 • 2 minute read

We’ve come to truly appreciate the spirit of McNamara’s Fallacy, though we may challenge the notion that if you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it, in some cases. In business, we can’t live solely by the metrics, especially as a fee-for-service professional. No matter how thinly you slice it, there are always two sides – in this case we mean the measurable and the meaningful…

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2022-08-01 • 20 second read

In this excerpt from episode 24 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast my guest Chris Jeppesen, and I discuss a great formula to frame your conversations in this time of market volatility.

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2022-07-29 • 20 second read

Earlier, advisors fixated on credentials, designations, and technical abilities.

However, the industry has now shifted from transactional salesmanship to directional stewardship. As financial services get commoditized, advisors need to offer more.

In this episode, Chris Jeppesen and I discuss how advisors can create professional contrast and grow their practice.

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2022-07-28 • 20 second read

Thriving through Market Volatility with Chris Jeppesen

When the markets are soaring high, most advisors might do well. But it is during times of high volatility that elite advisors set themselves apart. They create a professional contrast and an exceptional experience to meet the current demand of clients and prospects, even during a downturn!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Chris Jeppesen, chief of advisory practices at First Trust. They discuss strategies for alleviating your clients’ anxiety amidst current market turbulence, and the progression of top financial professionals today.

Chris and Duncan discuss:

  • How to restore your clients’ confidence in you using the ECA framework (empathy, context, and action)
  • How to maintain relevance as financial services get commoditized
  • The much-needed shift from transactional salesmanship to directional stewardship
  • Sneak peek into the new book “The Blue Square Method” (and how it will benefit fee-for-service professionals)
  • And more

Tune in now (or download it for later!) by clicking here:

Feel free to share your thoughts on this episode or reach out with follow-up questions. We always appreciate feedback!

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2022-07-27 • 20 second read

It’s essential to have talented people on your team, but we want you to de-personalize your value, meaning that clients appreciate the practice and the process as much as they appreciate your people. This stage is a powerful next step because it creates order and lowers uncertainty and complexity. It has been proven time and time again that complexity is the silent killer of growth and sustainability because it causes your business to lose traction and spin its wheels. Process is the antidote to complexity because everything has been thought through, taken out of your head and documented. It’s as strong as the practice that creates muscle-memory in sports.

This is an excerpt of the upcoming book The Blue Square Method by Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter 1 for free now at:

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2022-07-26 • 2 minute read

The Blue Square Method was written for the successful fee-for-service professional who has reached or is approaching a fork in the road in their personal and professional life. Life is good today, business is steady and you have every reason to be content while riding your momentum, but perhaps contentment in-and-of-itself was never the goal? You appreciate what you have, but you aspire to something more. We’re not talking about just more money and quantitative success. We’re also referring to qualitative success: Amplifying your sense of gratitude, purpose, balance and fulfillment.

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2022-07-25 • 4 min video

In this excerpt from episode 23 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast my guest Cathi Durrell and I discuss some great opportunities to send client greeting cards, some of which you may not have thought of.

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2022-07-22 • 20 sec

Make your clients the voice you listen to. Just as importantly, demonstrate that you’re acting on their feedback. Close the feedback loop by continually pointing to any surveys or input you sought from your clients, and show them the actions you’re taking. This takes it from a claim that you’ll be improving the client experience, to your clients actually appreciating the elevation of service

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