How to Use Technology to Build a More Predictable and Sustainable Business
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Thursday, June 2nd at 12 pm ET
Does your technology help you to create a consistent client experience? Can you deploy duplicable systems? Are you leveraging technology to become more efficient? Join Duncan MacPherson, founder of Pareto Systems and author of 'The Blue Square Method', as he discusses implementing best practices through technology.
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2022-03-23 • 20 second read

Advisors who continually expand their client base eventually hit a point of diminishing returns. Once you exceed your service capacity, you can no longer effectively competitor-proof clients, gain their complete financial empowerment or maintain a high degree of refer-ability. As a result, you are likely to become stressed, frustrated and miss important opportunities. Furthermore, unless you hire and manage more staff, which takes time and money, you cannot effectively deploy your service matrix. In time, you will be perceived as a transactional generalist, and you will end up with a business that is a mile wide and an inch deep.

We come back full circle to the question you should ask yourself continually: If 20 percent of your clients generate 80 percent of your business, do you invest 80 percent of your time on that 20 percent? To generate the qualified referrals that will allow you to build a quality practice, you need to do exactly that. Right sizing your clientele will allow you to do it.

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2022-03-22 • 2 minute read

What would happen if you took a month off tomorrow; would your business run like a Swiss watch, or would there be chaos?

One advisor summed up the responses of many professionals quite well: “The only thing scarier than me taking a month off would be if my assistant took a month off. I don’t really even know what she does fully…”

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2022-03-21 • 4 min video

Do you subscribe to the paradox that your ultimate goal is to make yourself obsolete? By that I mean your achievement inflection point happens when your business isn’t at the mercy of maverick talent and can run like a Swiss watch without you being there.

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2022-03-18 • 20 second read

Communicating that you understand the concerns of your clients - what matters to them - family, occupation, recreation and money - is of immeasurable value in your referability and more. When it comes to consistent client acquisition through advocacy, when it comes to fee-worthiness, client loyalty and total client engagement over the lifetime of a relationship, your technical ability and core competency matter. But words matter, too.

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2022-03-17 • 20 second read

How to Get Your Competition Fired with Randy Schwantz

When you think about someone getting fired or getting someone fired, your first thought drifts to them doing or saying something wrong.

However, what if there was another way to fire someone without it being a negative experience?

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Randy Schwantz, Owner of The Wedge Group. They talk about how to fire your competition with a positive spin.

Randy discusses:

  • The exciting collaboration between The Wedge Group and Pareto Systems
  • How professional contrast and professional scarcity work off each other
  • The difference between proactive and reactive services
  • And more

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2022-03-16 • 20 second read

I have seen many entrepreneurs with successful businesses supported by talented people who unknowingly created self-imposed limitations because everyone in the organization flew by the seat of their pants. Time after time, the creation of an Organizational and Structural Chart followed by the refinement of systems outlined within a Procedures Manual has proven to be essential.

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2022-03-15 • 20 second read

Competitor-proofing and countering loyalty fatigue has to be ongoing throughout the lifetime of a client relationship. Making your process and value clear to a client through your relationship management process insures you won’t disappear in a sea of sameness - or find yourself suddenly replaced because a drifting client decided to “try something new.”

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2022-03-15 • 2 minute read

Professionalizing every aspect of your business - from your agendas to your onboarding process to your office itself - and infusing each element with your brand, governed by replicable process, is the key to moving from the business running you, to you running the business. Documenting your process absolutely builds enterprise value.

If you’re going to tell people you have a process, it helps to actually have one. You can’t just tell them about it, either. You have to show it to them.

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2022-03-14 • 4 minute video

Every business is built to ultimately be sold, not just a place to earn a living. Every investment of effort you make in your business on a daily basis is like a forced savings multiplier because it increases the value of your business.

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2022-03-11 • 20 second read

In this actionable, fast-paced webinar on Thursday, March 24th at 12:00 PM ET, Duncan MacPherson, co-author of The Advisor Playbook, outlines a proven approach that enables advisors to consistently communicate and demonstrate their value.

Advisors need to deploy a stewardship model, as there are two types of advisors: 1) Salespeople who focus on Products, Pricing, and Performance and 2) Consultants who focus on a Philosophy, Planning Strategy, and Process.

Advisors need to ensure that they:

> Position themselves as a consultant
> Have clients focus on how much they are worth rather than what they cost
> Competitor proof their best clients
> Turn their best clients into advocates
> Gain full empowerment from their clients

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