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2018-01-08 • 20 second read
Ambition gets a bad rap at times, and it shouldn’t. The foundation of pure ambition is rooted in absolute gratitude. Putting some proportion to your existing success and the concept of your vision for the future must be balanced by humility and appreciation for your accomplishments, both in your nature and in what you’ve nurtured. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook
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2018-01-08 • 48:53 Podcast
Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems joins Jay Coulter for this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast. Duncan is one of the industries top thought leaders in the areas of practice management and business development. Click here to listen:
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2018-01-05 • 10 second read
Personal accomplishment is a direction, not a destination. It’s never a bad idea while charting a route and following the trail to our goals to adopt an “in the meantime” mindset. While I pursue what I want, I’m going to pay tribute to what I have, and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me - which could be missed if my focused goal-attainment blinders are on. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook Learn more at
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2018-01-04 • 10 second read
A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials - Seneca
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2018-01-03 • 10 second read
There are some advisors whose business growth is tied primarily to the natural lift of the markets or another industry. They’re not doing anything special or even deliberate when it comes to business development. These are the same advisors who operate in isolation, end up in a vacuum and eventually plateau. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook Learn more at
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2017-12-29 • 10 second read
Legendary personal and business development philosopher and speaker Jim Rohn often said the following: “The winds of opportunity blow the same for all of us. The difference that separates the best from the rest is how they set their sails. As a professional advisor, you invest a lot of time with your clients helping them face the future with confidence thanks to your investment planning process. Be sure that you have a plan, and that it’s leading you to your goals. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook
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2017-12-28 • 10 second read
It’s easy to fall into a consistency trap where complacency seeps in. The Japanese have a word - Kaizen - which means ‘good change’. The business world has adopted and altered it slightly to mean continuous improvement, and Japanese business in particular sees it as a daily, ongoing process. Being consistent doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be open to the refinement of your established procedures. We can always improve the things we do, and we have to do so in a balanced way. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook
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2017-12-27 • 10 second read
There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them - Ralph Marsten
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2017-12-22 • 10 second read
Most professionals fixate on how many clients they can get, when the true goal is how many advocates they can get. That is where the value lies, especially over the long haul. Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook Join me at Mastermind to learn more:
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