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2021-03-11 • 3 min video

You have some top clients who refer you by their nature, and others who can be nurtured to do the same. Is your process clear and understood by your potential rainmakers?

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2021-03-10 • 20 second read

It's your adversity that gives your accomplishments meaning. Appreciation and aspiration must go hand in hand.

2021-03-09 • 3 min video

How do you increase the number of introductions you see from top clients? Remove the mystery!

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2021-03-08 • 20 sec

In addition to strengthening your client relationships and running a more efficient and productive business, the process of developing a “Fee-Worthy” mindset and approach can provide you with another meaningful benefit. You also become more efficient with your time. With money we think of Return on Investment; with time we should be thinking about ROE - Return on Energy.

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2021-03-05 • 2 min read

Wednesday March 24th at 2pm ET
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The Women are Here! is an intelligent, innovative & caring alliance created to empower women in wealth and elevate their advisory practice, with the purpose of inspiring and energizing as many women as possible.

Join Senior Pareto Systems' Business Consultants, Sherri Palle, Marci Fried and Elaine Christakos for this fast-paced, value packed eSummit. Pareto Systems' CEO, Duncan MacPherson will be opening the summit. We want to maximize the value of what women have to contribute to their organizations, clients, team, family, neighbors, community, worthy causes, and by extension of that -- making the world a better place.

Together with vision and determination, we will empower financial independence for women everywhere.

2021-03-04 • 4 min video

Your core competency and professional skills are top-notch, though there are always some areas for improvement. In fact, you may have gotten out of the wealth management business and in the classic sense because you've outsourced so much of that. You've evolved from a mindset of ‘households and holdings’ to platforms, processes and models that can be replicated. That’s all good, but what now is your unique IP? What sets you apart?

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2021-03-03 • 20 second read

Advisors who continually expand their client base eventually hit a point of diminishing returns. Once you exceed your service capacity, you can no longer effectively competitor-proof clients, gain their complete financial empowerment or maintain a high degree of refer-ability. As a result, you are likely to become stressed, frustrated and miss important opportunities. Furthermore, unless you hire and manage more staff, which takes time and money, you cannot effectively deploy your service matrix. In time, you will be perceived as a transactional generalist, and you will end up with a business that is a mile wide and an inch deep.

We come back full circle to the question you should ask yourself continually: If 20 percent of your clients generate 80 percent of your business, do you invest 80 percent of your time on that 20 percent? To generate the qualified referrals that will allow you to build a quality practice, you need to do exactly that. Right sizing your clientele will allow you to do it.

2021-03-02 • 8 min video

Are you ready for a Renaissance? In this video Duncan MacPherson discusses the major opportunity we have right now for up-market growth for those professionals not misled with complacency or struggling under capacity limits.

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2021-03-01 • 20 second read

The one thing all professional advisors have an equal amount of is time. We all have 24 hours in a given day. The concept of time-management is a bit of a misnomer. We can’t manage time itself; we can only manage the activities we choose to engage in each business day. The more you value your time, the more your clients will, as well.

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2021-02-26 • 20 second read

Stephen Covey, the legendary author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, advised that you should always begin with the end in mind … I suggest that you apply a mindset of building a business with the intention of selling it for maximum value at some point in the future.

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