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2017-12-14 • 25 second read
Many professional advisors I work with are successful, enjoy an impressive lifestyle and should be content, but many of them are still ambitious and are frustrated because they have hit a plateau. While every advisor’s scenario is unique, often the plateau stems from inertia confidence. Simply put, the advisor is busy repeating habits and patterns, and has been for an extended period of time. They are getting results, but they can raise the bar and achieve more.
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2017-12-13 • 10 second read
In our on-going practice management coaching with professional advisors, I often remind our clients of this simple fact: “Being a great professional advisor, in and of itself, is no guarantee for success in this business. I have seen time and time again where the most effective advisors with limitless growth and progress potential aren’t necessarily the most sophisticated asset managers. The common thread, however, is that they are the most effective at practice and relationship management.”
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2017-12-11 • 10 second read
You want to run the business so that it’s not running you, but it has to be more than a goal. You have to apply a process that helps everyone on your team to get the business out of their heads and into a playbook. It’s a process to turn your book into an actual business, rather than having just a book of business.
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2017-12-08 • 10 second read
“It would be great if the world cooperated with our plans on a consistent basis, but that is not the way it is. Let’s face it; that’s why clients hire you. Friction and uncertainty come with the territory. Your ability to deal with this reality is a major factor that separates the best from the rest.” Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook
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2017-12-07 • 2 minute read
If the prospective client starts talking about short term performance or specific stocks or sectors, the advisor steps in and says, “It’s important for you to know my philosophy. Some advisors fixate on products, pricing and performance – that’s not me. I believe the markets are like the seasons. When things are rocking along, we are in the autumn harvest. Now how often does winter follow autumn? Approximately, how often? Every time. When markets are rising, I think winter. When markets are volatile and dropping, I think spring. The most successful investors in the world, whose results are enduring, share this same philosophy. If you are thinking short term, I’m probably not the advisor for you.” Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook
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